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September 30, 2012

Complete all Benchmark Assessments: ECLAS-2; Fountas and Pinnell Benchmark Assessments; Read 180; Periodic Assessments (edperformance,); Math in Focus; Impact Math; Integrated Algebra,

ABLLS-R; SANDI; Unique; EQUALS; FITNESSGRAM; Response Intervention more information to follow)

October 1 to February 8, 2012 : NYSAA Administration
December 10, 2012:  Faculty Conference@IS 33

December 11, 2012:  Faculty Conference@120

December 13, 2012: 368K Winterfest@293

December 17, 2012: Faculty Conference@BCC

December 17, 2012: Faculty Conference@293

December 17 - 18, 2012: Acuity Benchmark Assessment – Math (Grades 3 -8)

Dec 24 – Jan. 1, 2013Winter Recess-SCHOOL CLOSED

January 2, 2013School Resumes

January 21, 2013Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day – School Closed



TIME:  Friday, DEC. 14th, 4pm to ?????

PLACE:  The Whiskey Brooklyn

LOCATION: 44 Berry Street (at North 11th), Brooklyn NY, 11211


SUBWAY DIRECTIONS:  Take the L Train to the Bedford Ave. Stop.  Walk 4 Blocks North and 1 Block West

The Whiskey Brooklyn has:
- Happy Hour and Food
- Two Hand-built Shuffleboard Tables
- Game Room w/ Photo Booth, Foosball, Mini-Basketball, Big Buck Hunter Safari, Pac-Man/Galaga, Golden Tee, and SKEE-BALL


Please see the updated procedures that have been added to the Assistive Technology Page on the D 75 Website for Home Instruction Students.

IEP Mandated iPads

Please note that the set up procedures for IEP mandated devices are different than those for programmatic units. DO NOT LUMP THESE TOGETHER.  The IEP Mandated units are set up with gmail accounts unique to these devices. They cannot be backed up to your existing account as this will put us in violation of “use” with the apps we provide. The correct set up instructions are provided at the time an IEP mandated device it given to a student.


Please enter attendance for your caseloads at minimum on a weekly basis.  Calling IVR and entering attendance is critical.  Our related service paraprofessional allocation is based on students who are receiving the mandated service.  If the student is not receiving the service, the allocation will be reduced.

Promotion Criteria Guidelines for Students with Disabilities: Updated Resources Available

            Elementary and middle schools          

Updated resources aimed to improve understanding of how modified promotion criteria should be determined, applied, and evaluated can be found on the Special Populations Intranet webpage; these resources include documents such as the Promotion Criteria Guidelines for Students with Disabilities in Grades 3–8 and grade-specific checklists used to set modified promotion criteria. These resources have been updated to align to the Common Core Learning Standards. 

Opportunity for Common Core Alignment Feedback on Teacher and Student Work                            

            All schools / Event: December 7–January 4
For the first time, NYCDOE teachers have the opportunity to receive formative feedback on Common Core-aligned performance tasks that they are designing for their students. Common Core Fellows, content experts in their field who have a deep understanding of Common Core alignment, will provide the feedback. To submit a task for review, teachers should visit theCommon Core Library between December 7 and January 4. Please share this opportunity with your teachers.

yres/73E6C53F-B76E-4803-8FCB-ACCC67118010/0/MODPromotionCriteriaGuidelines.pdf">Promotion Criteria Guidelines for Students with Disabilities in Grades 3–8 and grade-specific checklists used to set modified promotion criteria. These resources have been updated to align to the Common Core Learning Standards.

Have a productive and rewarding week!
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